Group Leader

Portrait-SQ_TacoKooijTaco Kooij
Assistant Professor
Radboudumc junior Principal Investigator
EMBO Young Investigator
Since September 2014
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Post-doctoral scientists

Portrait-SQ_NickProellocksNick Proellochs
Marie Skłodowska-Curie research fellow
“Characterisation of the Plasmodium PHIST protein family”
Since May 2018

PhD candidates

Portrait-SQ_FelixEversFelix Evers
“Unravelling the Plasmodium mitochondrion: systematic functional characterization of an essential organelle for anti-malarial drug target identification”
Since October 2018

Portrait-SQ_JulieVerhoef2Julie Verhoef
“Shedding a super-resolution light on mitochondrial fission during schizogony in human malaria parasites”
Since December 2019

Portrait-SQ_CasBoshovenCas Boshoven
“Functional characterization of unique parasite-specific mitochondrial carrier proteins”
Since March 2020

Portrait-SQ_LauraAkkermanLaura Akkerman
“Follow the drug: Unravelling specificity and activity of antimalarial pantothenamides”
Since December 2022

Portrait-SQ_EzraBekkeringEzra Bekkering
“‘It’s a match!’: Uncovering the functions of sexual-stage malaria parasite vaccine targets”
Since December 2022
(co-supervising with Matthijs Jore & Teun Bousema)


Portrait-SQ_AlexVanDerStarreAlex van der Starre
“Sporozoite & liver-stage antigen discovery”
Since October 2020

MSc & BSc students

bb_Aleksandra Nenova
“Visualizing organelle contact sites in human malaria parasites using cryo-expansion microscopy”
Master Molecular Mechanisms of Disease
January 2023 – July 2023

Portrait-SQ-SilviaTassanLugrezinSilvia Tassan-Lugrezin
“Functional characterization of Apicomplexan-specific Mitochondrial Carrier 1 (AMC1)”
Master Microbiology
September 2022 – March 2023

Logo-TheKooijPond-animated-SQThis could be YOU
“Studying malaria parasite biology during host switching using novel genetic tools”
6-month Research Project
September 2023 – onwards