Interview in “de Volkskrant”

An interview I gave to Kim van der Gouw of “de Volkskrant” (national newspaper, so all in Dutch) appeared today online and will feature in tomorrow’s science supplement of the Saturday print edition. The column “Onverwachte Ontdekkingen” (unexpected discoveries) celebrates serendipitous findings, which are so often critical to big advances in sciences. Unfortunately, such rare finds are becoming increasingly unlikely with the ways science is typically funded these days, where funders request an almost guaranteed outcome and impact of the research under the guise of having to give the taxpayer value for their money.

Our story is about a drug that failed at treating skin conditions but after ten more years of research is now a preclinical candidate drug. “MMV183” may be able to cure malaria with a single dose and simultaneously prevent transmission to malaria mosquitoes thus stopping the spread of the disease (a unique feature not shared by regular anti-malarial drugs).


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